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Another shout out, because the dates are getting closer..

I bought tickets for the upcoming mando diao tour because I wanted to see Dirty Pretty Things supporting them. Sadly DPT have no cancled their support slot so I'm selling one ticket for each of the following shows:

Fribourg, Fri-Son, 12.11
Zürich, Maag Halle, 14.11
München, Zenith, 17.11 (sold out)

I'd be really happy if I could sell them to someone who actually wants to go and meant to buy tickets, anyway, instead of selling them on ebay so if you're interested, please contact me on myska_x @

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Hey there!
I'm looking for sugarplum fairy's "last chance". Today I heard it for the first time and I love it!!! Would be great if someone could upload it. Thanx

New MD song?

So Mando's just released "Long Before Rock 'n' Roll"...and I know it's not on CD or anything, but does anyone know if/where you can download it?  I've been listening to it on repeat via Myspace...I need it!!!  And what do you guys think of it?

If anyone knows...I'll love them forever.
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